Quantrell "Pets"

As part of the Butterfly Heroes partnership, Quantrell has decided to grow our own butterflies!

These little guys arrived on April 6, 2016
April 11                                                                                          April 15                                                               April 18

April 20                                                      April 26


Mo, our original "Horsemania" horse came to join us in 2000.  He can be found outside the Cadillac building. 
True Colors was a part of "Horsemania" 2010 and can be found outside the Subaru building. 
Artisticat and Wet and Wild reside in our conference room.  They came from Wildcat Madness.

And we also have REAL pets!  Any given day, you can find between 15 and 20 feline friends on the lot here.  Their names include Miss Penny, Sylvia, Wild Willy, Chico, Frankie, Stars, Stripes, Itty Bitty, Doodle, Dandy, Oreo, Larry, Moe, Curly, Jenny Boots, Moonshine and Ollie.  Two of our employees have been feeding and taking care of these cats for years now.  You can read about Becky's adventures with caring for and spaying/neutering the cats on our blog

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