Sometimes you're so far ahead of the curve, you need to wait nearly 15 years for the rest of the world to catch up. Such is the case with the fabled Subaru Baja. With an ephemeral four-year run from 2002-2006, the Subaru Baja was outmatched in the super-sized SUV explosion of that decade. But now, with maximum utility and minimized carbon impact on everyone's mind, the Subaru Baja is back with a vengeance, ready to pick up (yes, pun intended) right where it left off.

A Vehicle Is Born on the Baja Peninsula

You can see the rise of hill-top dwellings as you look south from San Diego. You cross the border, hook right, go up a hill, and hook left to enter the "Coastal Route-1." Route-1 was built by America to help thwart any potential Japanese coastal invasion in WWII. Route-1 was designed to send emergency supplies as far away as Cabo San Lucas in the 1940s, and it hasn't been paved since. In fact, once you pass Ensenada, much of Route-1 is now missing, and you have to follow nearly impassable tracks through a barren desert wilderness dotted by ranches and fishing villages.

Anyone who has been there or who was brave enough to race through this terrain in the annual Baja 1000 knows well enough that what you're driving needs to be tough, extremely off-road capable, easy to fix, easy to pull out of holes in the earth, and highly versatile with respect to the cargo and people it can carry.

The original Subaru Baja came with custom amenities to cope with the rigors of Baja off-road life on "the peninsula." Early models enjoyed:

  • Off-road lighting
  • Lifted 7.3"
  • Expandable rear cargo-beds
  • Movable license plate frames (after all, this is Baja)
  • Copious storage and map pockets
  • Leather seating
  • All-Wheel-Drive
  • A 2.5L 165HP Engine
  • A 2.5L Turbo with 210HP
  • A 5-speed manual or Auto transmission
  • A rear-seat pass through to the cargo bed
  • Flip-up cargo bed seating (after all, this is Baja)

When you are conquering the endless stretches of dirt-packed horizons with only cattle crossings as your landmarks, it makes a lot of sense that exterior seating is available. After all, you might have to lend a helping hand to a stranded rancher and an injured calf. The back of the Subaru Baja was designed especially for this. Unfortunately, a recovery vehicle for stranded Caballero's couldn't compete with the full-size SUV revolution. So the formidable and adventurous Baja has been waiting for its moment, south of the border. To the legions of Subaru Baja fans out there, the Baja SUVs time has finally come.

The Return of Subaru Pickup Trucks

Ready to take on the likes of more cumbersome SUVs in the segment, the Subaru Baja embraces its rally-car heritage giving you enough clearance for the nasties underneath while maintaining a low center of gravity for car-like precision. The new Subaru Baja will be ready to say "Adios, Muchachos," as it leaves the gargantuan Hummer SUT, the Honda Ridgeline, and the make-you-broke Rivian RS1 in its dust. Rumor has it that the iconic "Baja Yellow" color will make an inaugural new-model comeback.

Fans of the original will rejoice when they see the application of premium overhead driving lights. The new crop of enthusiasts will love the modern, LED-blasting front-fascia that the new Baja offers. In the unlikely event of a breakdown in the old Baja, your only way to signal for help would have been with the available onboard flare-gun. The new Subaru Baja model will boast Subaru STARLINK, which connects you to the modern world, no matter where you may end up off the grid. Modern amenities like touch screen infotainment, Apple CarPlay, and Android auto will also come at the ready to help you chart a course safely through the unknown. We know that the Subaru Baja continues to capture the imagination of enthusiasts and newcomers to the brand, so we also put this handy section together with some answers to questions that we get about the Baja.

Why was the Subaru Baja discontinued?

Relative to full-size pickups, the Subaru Baja was small and expensive. Research showed that the original Subaru Baja didn't cater enough to the luxury expectation from brand-loyalists. The good news is, Subaru, the #1 brand for Brand Trust, is about to solve all those old problems.

Is Subaru bringing the Baja back?

Yes! The spy photos are out there. The rumors and speculations are swirling. But fans will rejoice at the second-coming of the Baja in 2021.

Is the Subaru Baja a truck?

Yes. In terms of utility, the Subaru Baja will be spoken of as a pickup truck. Officially, it will not cross the federal weight criteria of 7,000lbs to be classified by the DOT as a truck. But that's great news. What it saves in weight, it makes up in projected tow capacity. The new Subaru Baja is expected to haul up to 5000lbs.

Quantrell Subaru in Lexington Is Closer Than San Felipe

Fortunately for you, when the time comes early next year, you won't have to travel too far to slip behind the wheel of the all-new Subaru Baja. Quantrell Subaru in Lexington, KY, doesn't require a passport to get to. All it takes is a quick email with one of our specialists, so contact them as soon as you would like to reserve one, or take a test-drive. If you absolutely cannot wait for the new Subaru Baja to be available, why not try the spacious and capable new Subaru Ascent for sale? Or on the other hand, keep some money in your pocket and grab one of our amazing used Subaru models for sale to quell the pangs of impatience. With Subaru, your investment is always protected with the Subaru Trade-Up Advantage program and customer loyalty rewards. Now on a parting note, the biggest question remains unanswered. Well, we know the answer. With all of the ranches and outdoor activities 'round here, will the new Subaru Baja also make good use of cargo bed seating just like the original? I guess you'll have to see for yourself but you might just find yourself saying "Vamos" to anyone you meet along your daily adventures.

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