Subaru Auto Detailing Service In Lexington, KY

If you want to make your car look as good as new, then you need to schedule it for Subaru detail service today. Our staff at Quantrell Subaru understands what it takes to transform your car both inside and out.

Bad smells and set-in stains are no match for the products and techniques we use to disinfect every surface of your vehicle thoroughly. Read on to learn more about our Subaru detail service before you schedule with our Subaru service department to have your car revamped by our employees.

What Does an Auto Detail Interior Entail?

While you know how to clean the inside of your car by wiping down services and scrubbing the floor with foaming carpet cleansers – it’s not the same as auto detailing. Subaru detail service entails utilizing specialty products and techniques that will give your car a whole new look and feel.

Here are a few of the services you may want to add to your cleaning:

  • Vacuum
  • Stain removal and shampooing of carpet and upholstery
  • Pet hair removal
  • Deep clean of the dash, instrument cluster, and door panels
  • Glass window polishing
  • Odor removal
  • Leather protectant
  • Clean air service
  • Engine cleaning

Every nook and cranny is thoroughly doused in cleaning supplies and scrubbed during this process. While there is no guarantee that every stain will come out, your car will smell fresh, and this service makes it feel as though you are driving a new and improved vehicle away from our store.

Give the Exterior of Your Car a Facelift

Detailing the exterior of your car involves more than just a simple car wash. There are detailing services you can take advantage of to protect and enhance the exterior of your vehicle. The road isn’t always nice to your Subaru model as dirt, debris, and other hazards degrade its profound design.

When it comes to your Subaru detail service, these are some of the options that are worth your money:

  • Buff scratches and headlights
  • Ceramic coating
  • Clay treatment
  • Under carriage cleaning
  • Clean and shine moldings
  • Car detailing wash including wheels and tires

Whether your headlights are foggy or you want to give your car a bit of extra protection, exterior detailing is what you need to take your vehicle to the next level.

Discover the Subaru Auto Detail Difference

We do things a little differently here at Quantrell Subaru as we provide you with a unique Subaru detail service. Not only are you deciding to give yourself the gift of a car that looks amazing, but our specialists will also treat your vehicle as if it’s their own.

It’s also convenient to have it done here in Lexington, KY, as you can schedule service, such as routine maintenance, and add on auto detailing at the same time. You can tackle two tasks with a single appointment at Quantrell Subaru to make your life easier and ensure your Subaru model is in tip-top shape.

Understanding Our Auto Detail Prices

Affordability is a key aspect of any Subaru detail service we provide. We want to ensure your car detail cost won’t break the bank, which is why we provide you with Subaru detailing coupons. They will help you keep cash in your pocket and opt-in for more necessary services.

These are our current packages and pricing:

  • Engine Cleaning: $79
  • Interior Package: $139
  • Base Package: $249
  • Premium Package: $299
  • EPIC Ceramic Coating: $1,159.99 cars / $1,395.99 SUV

Each package provides you with different levels of service for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Whether the cabin needs a bit of TLC or your paint job is looking a little rough – give us a chance to make it better with our expert service.

Our most lucrative offer pertains to an EPIC ceramic coating which adds extra protection to the outside of your vehicle. Hard water, acid rain, and bird droppings are no match for your car following this Subaru detail service. It prevents water and dirt from sticking while providing depth to your car’s gloss and paint. You will also receive a warranty for two years or 24,000 miles, as we stand by our work near Louisville, KY.

Car Detailing Near Me at Quantrell Subaru

Are you ready to take your Subaru model to the next level? Schedule with us for service today, so we can enhance your car with our perfected techniques. While you wait, utilize our complimentary offerings such as coffee, bottled water, and free Wi-Fi to make time fly.

We will renew the interior and exterior of your car, so you drive away feeling as though it’s an entirely different model. Our team at Quantrell Subaru is waiting to give your car the facelift it needs with our Subaru detail service. Make an appointment today to take your ride to the next level of cleanliness.


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