Auto Body Repair Near Louisville, KY


If your vehicle has been damaged in a collision, suffered hail damage, or was hit by a rogue shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot, come to our body shop for auto body repair. We can fix door dents and cracked windshields, touch up stone chips, and buff out minor scratches. We also offer competitively priced bumper repair and auto glass repair at our auto body shop near Louisville.

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Our team of professional auto body repair specialists is trained to handle all manner of scratch and dent repair. If your vehicle has been rear-ended, it’s possible the vehicle’s frame was bent. If so, your car will need frame repair to ensure safe operation and handling. We can mount your vehicle to a frame stretching machine that uses high-tech lasers and sensors to return your car’s bent frame to pre-damage condition.

Why Quantrell Subaru for Auto Body Repair?

Our Kentucky collision center and auto body repair shop is proud to offer the following common services:

  • Windshield repair
  • Body work
  • Scratch and dent repair
  • Frame repair
  • Bumper repair

Windshield and Auto Glass Repair

If you’re looking for Louisville body shops that offer windshield repair, look no further than our auto body and glass repair shop. A minor stone chip can quickly grow into a scratch that spans the length of your vehicle’s windshield, creating a significant safety hazard.

To catch this before it happens or repair a windshield that’s already cracked, bring your vehicle to our body shop and collision center. Our team can repair or replace all of the glass on your vehicle, including front/rear windshields, window glass, and mirrors.

Dent Removal Specialists

While our auto body repair center offers collision repair, not all damage to our vehicles comes from auto accidents. Sometimes, our cars are damaged in our own driveways. Foul weather such as hail or falling debris such as tree branches can cause accidental damage to our vehicles.

Sometimes, our vehicles can be dented while parked in the mall parking lot or sideswiped while parked out on the street. Regardless of the source of the damage, if you need auto dent removal, contact our body shop.

Professional Auto Detailing

After you return your vehicle to its original condition, keep your car looking like new with a professional detail job from our Quantrell Detail Center. If you’ve never had your vehicle detailed before, you’re in for a treat.

We are proud to offer a wide range of auto detail services and will clean your car inside and out. The interior clean starts with a vacuum to remove dirt, sand, pet hair, and debris in the floor mats, seats, and throughout the cabin. We’ll also work to remove any foul odors or stains that might be present.

The exterior clean starts with a power wash of the entire vehicle followed by a cleaning of the wheels and tires to remove brake dust and road grease to make your wheels and tires shine again.

After the power rinse, the car is washed by hand to remove dirt, bird droppings, and tree sap. The final step is the waxing, polishing, and scratch removal to add layers of protection.

When you’re ready to return your vehicle to showroom condition, see our team for auto body repair and detailing.

I-CAR Certified Car Repair

Our collision center is proud to be recognized with the Gold Class® I-CAR Certification. As a certified first network body shop, the Gold Class® designation means that our team has received and completed the highest level of training for safe and quality repairs. When your vehicle has been damaged in the unfortunate event of an accident, and you need car repair, you need a team you can trust to restore your car to pre-damage condition; trust the team at the Quantrell Subaru collision center.

When it comes to repairing your vehicle, making the paint shine again isn’t the only consideration. It’s also important to ensure the internal components meet the manufacturer’s standard of safety and reliability. As vehicles become more complex and new materials are integrated, the level of training needs to keep up with automotive innovation. That’s where the Gold Class® designation matters. It tells you that the body repair specialists are I-CAR certified and have the level of training needed to give you peace of mind. A new car is a significant investment. If it’s been damaged, you want it repaired to the highest standard. When you want your family’s vehicle to be repaired to the gold standard, look for the Gold Class® logo on the door.

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