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Your Subaru is built to weather any storm, but as storms pass, a Subaru battery replacement service will ensure you’re ready for the next one. Whether your headlights are dimmer than they used to be or your engine hesitates to fire up, a battery replacement can be the answer to a whole host of issues. And when you choose Quantrell Subaru as your answer to “where can I find a battery replacement near me,” you’ll find that our competitive prices and convenience-first service make it an answer you can count on.

Learn more about the battery replacement details below, and contact us to schedule your battery replacement.

Solve Your Subaru Battery Problems at Quantrell Subaru

When is a new battery necessary? It’s a dynamic aspect of your car; look at it like your phone’s battery. It will deplete and recharge – a job seamlessly performed by your car’s alternator – as you drive along, but after years of this cycle, the charge-holding abilities of your battery can be reduced.

Environmental factors like extreme cold can hasten this process in Lexington, KY. Leaving your Subaru sitting without starting it up every so often can also ruin a perfectly good battery and leave it unable to hold a proper charge. Keep in mind that your alternator can only charge the battery while the engine is operating, and the chemicals inside a battery can be compromised if the charge goes fully flat.

But like most car problems, there will be symptoms to note as the battery nears the end of its life.

If you’re experiencing Subaru battery problems like a slower-than-usual engine startup, headlights that flicker or dim while you use other electrical features (like power window switches), or any other unusual electrical-system issues, a battery replacement is likely the solution.

Our Subaru battery service will help get everything back to normal. Our service coupons can help you save on a new battery, and the replacement will be performed with a focus on your convenience so that you can get back to your normal lifestyle in a flash.

What Is the Subaru Battery Replacement Interval?

A car’s battery is affected by all sorts of conditions; the interval for Subaru battery replacement can vary accordingly. Under ideal climate and driving conditions, though, your Subaru battery can provide up to five years of dutiful usage. In colder weather and with infrequent driving, it can last around three years.

But keep in mind, even if the battery still works, it may still need a replacement. Leaving your battery to the point of failure is never recommended, so a replacement can help prevent that sudden loss of power.

Get a Battery Check Before Your Subaru Battery Replacement

Some Subaru battery issues may also be alternator-related. The electrical systems within your Subaru vehicle are immensely complex, powering more computers and advanced technology than early space rockets. We recommend getting your battery inspected if you experience electrical issues. With our Subaru service in Lexington, we’ll determine the cause and let you know if you need a new battery or another service.

Subaru Battery Warranty: The Key to Confidence

In most cases, a replacement for your original battery can be covered under your vehicle’s Basic New Vehicle Limited Warranty.1 And when you choose a genuine Subaru battery, you can get a 30-month/unlimited-mile warranty.1 Contact Quantrell Subaru to learn more.

“Subaru Battery Replacement Near Me” Happens Here in Lexington, KY

Whether you’re facing battery issues or staying on top of scheduled maintenance services, we’re here to help. Schedule battery replacement with us today to get your Subaru powered up for a fair price.

1This warranty applies to Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Batteries that fail due to a defect in material or workmanship that occurs under normal usage, while installed in a Subaru vehicle. Note: The Original Equipment (OE) battery is covered by the Basic New Vehicle Limited Warranty only. No other warranty coverage applies. OE “maintenance free” batteries are not eligible for warranty cost prorating. Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Batteries are warranted by the 30-month/unlimited mileage Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Battery Warranty or the balance of the Basic New Vehicle Limited Warranty, whichever is longer. During the 30-month Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Battery Warranty period, or the balance of the Basic New Vehicle Limited Warranty period, coverage includes reimbursement for testing and replacement labor costs provided the battery was installed by an authorized Subaru retailer. In addition, if the vehicle cannot be driven due to a defect covered by this warranty, the cost of towing to the nearest authorized Subaru retailer is covered. Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Batteries that fail after the 30-month Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Battery Warranty period or the Basic New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired are eligible for prorated warranty coverage for a limited period of 85 months. Reimbursement for testing, replacement labor or towing is not covered. Prorating begins on the date the battery was originally installed. The Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) warranty: 1 year/unlimited mileage warranty or the balance of the Basic New Vehicle Limited Warranty, whichever is longer.