Subaru Battery Service & Replacement In Lexington, KY

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Battery Replacement Service

If you need quality Subaru battery replacement, the team at Quantrell Subaru in Lexington, KY, is here to help. There could be several reasons why you might need a genuine Subaru battery, but it’s essential that you come to us first. Today’s Subaru vehicles are more advanced than ever. You need a team with the right equipment to diagnose your issue accurately because sometimes, you might not need a new battery. Learn more below.

Why You May (or May Not) Need Subaru Battery Service

Gone are the days when you could pop your hood, throw in a gas station battery, and be on your way. Modern Subaru vehicles have more computing power than the Apollo 13 spacecraft, so needless to say, the correct power needs have to be met. When you work with us here at our Subaru service center near Louisville, KY, you’ll never guess. You’ll always get the correct diagnosis. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you think you need service.

Have I Seen My Battery Light On?

If you’ve seen that red battery warning light on the dash, you might need more than just Subaru battery replacement. Your starting & charging system might be compromised, so we’ll check to make sure cables, alternators, and other system features are working correctly and are free of corrosion.

Weird Things Happen With My Alarm, Is That My Battery?

Maybe. Your battery is responsible for keeping your vehicle “alert” when it’s not on and running. If you have a low resting voltage, yes, your battery might be affecting your alarm system. Come and see us for Subaru battery service, and we’ll make sure that other components aren’t at fault.

But What If My Subaru Vehicle Is Brand New?

No worries. If something happens on a new vehicle, your Subaru battery warranty is covered by the new vehicle warranty. We’ll be happy to look it over to make sure nothing else is going on, and then we’ll gladly replace your battery under the terms of your warranty.

Save Time & Money at Quantrell Subaru

Love. It’s what makes Subaru, Subaru. And as it turns out, it’s also what makes Quantrell, Quantrell. We’ve been in business for over 70 years, and we love it when we get to meet the grandchildren of some of our first customers. We know what it takes to make you feel at home when you’re with us. We hope you take advantage of our personalized service and money-saving service specials. We’re here to help with all your automotive needs, from purchasing to detailing and collision repair to trade-ins. Come see why so many of our neighbors have come to us for generations.