Subaru AWD System & Benefits Explained

Subaru AWD System

You’ve seen the Subaru AWD drivetrain mentioned on every model page you’ve looked at, but one thing most of them fail to mention is what exactly is so special about it. Hit the ignition and journey down this page to learn more about the Subaru AWD system.

What’s Special About Subaru AWD?

An AWD vehicle is perfect for people who often need to drive in slippery conditions, like a snow-covered road.

The Subaru AWD system doesn’t wait for specific wheels to lose traction to send power to them. Instead, it continuously sends power to all four wheels at once, creating more consistency in power distribution. The Subaru AWD system also offers a center differential to allow the front and rear driveshafts to rotate at different speeds during cornering.

That center differential is why the Subaru AWD system is known as “Symmetrical AWD.”

To understand the benefits of Subaru AWD, it helps to know that most AWD cars are designed to be front- or rear-wheel drive first. Designers then add a second driveshaft and differential off-center from the driveline to enable AWD, which is usually available as an option from the manufacturer rather than coming standard. Since these AWD systems must work around a 2WD vehicle’s underbody design, they often have to make compromises.

Every single AWD vehicle in our new Subaru inventory was designed to have AWD – and only AWD. Their AWD drivetrains are laid out in a straight line, with each differential typically placed symmetrically from one other relative to the center differential. This focus on ground-up AWD engineering is how Subaru All-Wheel Drive provides such incredible and consistent capabilities.

Even the oldest models in our used Subaru inventory share the benefit of being AWD vehicles from the drawing board.

Frequently Asked Questions About Subaru AWD

What makes Subaru AWD great?

Subaru AWD is great because it can provide more consistency than other AWD systems by constantly distributing power instead of only doing so when traction has been lost. Subaru AWD vehicles were designed to be AWD vehicles from the moment they were born. While Subaru used to offer 4WD vehicles, customers have come to love the AWD system’s capabilities and smoothness.

How is Subaru AWD different?

Subaru AWD is different because it provides power to all wheels at all times and is also capable of moving power from the left to right side wheels instead of just from the front axle to the rear axle, which is a drawback of many other AWD systems. Subaru AWD is also designed with a symmetrical drivetrain layout to provide consistent strength.

How do I know if my Subaru AWD is working?

Subaru AWD is a full-time AWD system that should always be working to send power to all wheels. One or more dashboard lights should illuminate if it stops working. When you start to drive in slippery, wet conditions, your wheels should not spin continuously. If they don’t spin and you maintain traction, the AWD system is likely working, so you’re good to go.

Do all Subaru cars have AWD?

Every model in the Subaru lineup except the Subaru BRZ comes standard with an AWD system. While the type of AWD system may vary slightly between models, they all come equipped with it. Almost all used Subaru vehicles also have AWD. Additionally, you can find Subaru X-Mode on most Subaru vehicles to enhance their AWD capabilities in truly tough conditions.

How does Subaru AWD work?

Subaru AWD works to maintain your vehicle’s traction in less-than-ideal conditions by constantly sending power to all wheels and adjusting the power distribution in real time to combat any sudden loss of traction. Subaru AWD can also pair with intelligent drive systems like Subaru X-Mode to better manage the power in specialized terrain conditions and unlock maximum traction.

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There’s a lot to love about Subaru vehicles, and the Subaru All-Wheel Drive system is just one of the many, many things that make them great. Whether you’re curious about the maintenance your vehicle will need from our Subaru service center or how thrilling a WRX is to drive, contact our team today to learn more.

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