Subaru AWD System & Benefits Explained

Subaru AWD System

You’ve seen the special Subaru AWD system on every spec sheet and model page you’ve looked at. But, one thing that most of them fail to mention is what exactly is so special about Subaru’s unique All-Wheel Drive system. You can see it on almost every model in every category. Subaru knows when they’ve hit a home run, and they’ve added the AWD system on all of their cars to make sure you have a front-row seat to the spectacular powertrain show. Hit the ignition, and let’s get on the road to learning more about the Subaru AWD system.

What’s Special About Subaru AWD?

To understand what makes the Subaru AWD system so special, it’s important to understand the basics of AWD. All-Wheel Drive is perfect for people who live in and are continually needing to drive in imperfect conditions, be they snowy, icy, muddy, rainy, or anything else. This is extremely helpful for drivers near Louisville who may not have a lot of experience driving in these conditions.

AWD provides exceptional traction in uncertain driving conditions, more so than other drivetrains. When you have more traction on the road, you decrease the risk of hydroplaning, slipping, and skidding across the road. AWD ensures this extra traction by sending power to specific wheels when slippage occurs.

The Subaru AWD system, also referred to as Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, doesn’t wait for a loss of traction to send power to the wheels. Instead, it is continually redirecting some extra power to all four wheels at once, creating more consistency in power distribution. The Subaru AWD system also offers a center differential to prevent torsional stress as well as allowing the front and rear axle to rotate at differing speeds during cornering.

Frequently Asked Questions About Subaru AWD

What makes Subaru AWD great?

Subaru AWD systems are great because they can provide more consistency than other All-Wheel Drive systems by constantly engaging in power distribution instead of only when traction has been lost. While Subaru 4-Wheel Drive is popular and reliable, customers have come to really love the AWD system.

How is Subaru AWD different?

Not only does Subaru AWD provide power to all wheels at all times, but it can also move power from left to right and from wheel to wheel instead of just from the front axle to the rear axle, like many other AWD systems.

How do I know if my Subaru AWD is working?

If you go to drive in slippery, wet conditions, upon acceleration, your wheels should not spin continuously. If they don’t spin and you maintain traction, you’re good to go anywhere in Lexington and beyond!

Are All Subaru Cars AWD?

Every model in the Subaru lineup except the Subaru BRZ comes standard with an AWD system. While the type of AWD system may vary slightly between models, they all come equipped with it.

How does Subaru AWD work?

The Subaru AWD system is a permanent All-Wheel Drive instead of a part-time one. That means power is going to the wheels at all times instead of only when traction is lost.

Shop Subaru AWD at Quantrell Subaru

There’s a lot to love about Subaru vehicles, and their AWD system is just one of the many, many elements that make their vehicles unique. If you want to know more about the Subaru AWD system or anything related to your current or prospective Subaru vehicle, get in touch! Our expert team is waiting excitedly for your call, email, or visit.

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