Suspension Repair Near Louisville, KY

If you think it’s time for suspension repair, you might be right! Think about it: most vehicles are upwards of a ton. Sometimes even 2-3 tons or more. And that’s without you, your family, and your gear inside! All of that weight provides a constant load on your suspension system and, over time, can take a toll on system integrity and ride quality. Our auto repair shop near Louisville is ready to spring into action. So no matter what you’re driving or what the issue might be, lets us take a look!

Shocks and Struts Replacement in Lexington

Our suspension repair specialists have seen it all. Cars and trucks with bouncy front ends. Pickups with broken components poking through the bed. You name it! Here are some top reasons why you might need suspension repair:

  • Your vehicle has excessive body roll when turning
  • Your vehicle feels bouncy upfront or in the back
  • You hear clunks, bumps, and rattles when you’re driving
  • Auto-leveling features aren’t working as they should
  • Your vehicle leans to one side
  • You live in a region where road salts are used during winter

Road salts can do a number on the underside of your vehicle. Even cars and trucks that are a year old might need suspension repair after just one season. Bushings can wear away, strut pistons can pit and cause seal leaks, and certain types of springs and control arms can even break if the rust is aggressive enough. Not to worry, though. The auto repair shop at Quantrell Subaru has suspension repair pros that will have you back on the road in no time.

We know you might have a few more questions regarding suspension repair, so we’ve put together an FAQ to help you with your research based on conversations that we have down here at the shop:

Can car suspension be repaired?

Yes! Sometimes your suspension repair needs will be as simple as replacing a shock, some bushings, or a stabilizer. If that’s the case, your costs are only going to be about $100 per corner. If your vehicle has more advanced suspension components that involve air or active hydraulics or electronics, you can easily see costs touch $7500. This would involve replacing compressors, hydraulic lines, air shocks, valve blocks, and more.

When do you need to repair car suspension?

It’s always best to service your vehicle the moment an issue is detected. If you let suspension repair issues drag on, you can damage other vehicle components such as attachment points, control arms, ball joints, CVs, steering components, and more. Be on the lookout for bouncy ride quality, a leaning vehicle, and uneven wear on your tires. This could mean that you’re due for suspension repair.

What causes suspension damage?

In most cases, age. The other side of that coin, though, is usage. Are you off-roading? Are you towing? Are you hard on your brakes? How is the quality of the road surfaces you travel on? Do you live in a wintery climate where rust might be a factor? Our suspension systems are the unsung heroes of our overall comfort while driving. If you think it’s time for service, a little suspension repair can go a long way!

Can you drive a car with suspension problems?

Yes and no. If it is an emergency and you need to find a safe location, then driving carefully should be ok. However, we always recommend that you call for roadside assistance because suspension systems are directly related to the control of your vehicle. With a damaged system, you might lose control of your vehicle or worse.

Quantrell Subaru. Your Suspension Specialists

We’re no stranger to suspension repair. With symmetrical AWD found in Subaru vehicles, our drivers have had some pretty incredible stories to share when they arrive for service. Come in with confidence and find a suspension mechanic at Quantrell Subaru who works on this kind of stuff all day! If you are experiencing suspension problems due to an accident, fender bender, or a recent curb-hopping fiasco, not to worry. Quantrell Subaru is an auto body shop near Louisville, too! Our collision specialists are ICAR GOLD technicians and will get your vehicle back to its pre-collision condition in no time. Whatever your car needs, you can count on the Quantrell Service Department for the long haul. That’s one of the reasons why we talk about “Quantrell For Life.” Let us show you why.

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