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Transmission Repair In Lexington, KY

Transmission Repair

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Needing a transmission repair in Lexington is not a simple situation. Luckily, our service center is like a painkiller for that headache. Whether we’re performing an inspection to prevent the need for repairs or treating your convenience and savings as a priority, Quantrell Subaru is the place to go when you’re facing Subaru transmission problems. Learn about the details below, and contact us to schedule your transmission service.

Subaru Transmission Problems to Look Out For

A transmission is a dynamic system. It’s moving whenever your engine is operating, and problems can quickly go from subtle to severe. Your warranty may cover the issues, making transmission repair in Lexington a possible no-cost job. And in other cases, we can make it a lower-cost job with our focus on competitive prices and precise, convenient work.

So, here are a few signs to watch out for as you drive along in Lexington, KY:

  • Vehicle shudders while accelerating
  • Vehicle hesitates as you press the gas pedal
  • Red, blue, or orange fluid leaks from your vehicle’s undercarriage

Any of these issues are cause for a Subaru service in Lexington as soon as possible; a more in-depth transmission repair in Lexington is not something you want to deal with.

Subaru CVT Transmission vs. Geared Transmission Repair

When you drive a CVT-equipped Subaru and search for transmission repair in Lexington, you’ll need to find services specifically for your CVT – aka the Subaru Lineartronic transmission. It’s a modern advancement you can find in all the new Subaru vehicles. So what is it? To understand, let’s look at the older way of shifting gears. Essentially, geared transmissions receive power from the engine via a spinning input shaft; a CVT is no different.

In geared transmissions, the power is optimized for the vehicle’s wheel speed with a set of – you guessed it – gears, which are also known as “speeds.” Transmission fluid lubricates everything. Each gear has a different ratio, and it’s moved into place to send power to the wheels through a driveshaft.

A CVT connects the input shaft to the driveshaft with a belt and two pulleys. Transmission fluid is present here, too. The pulleys simulate gear ratios, seamlessly optimizing your Subaru for any speed with maximum efficiency and without the typical gear-shift lurch.

CVT transmission repair can be more affordable, as these modern transmissions have fewer components. Additionally, our service coupons and fair pricing can make maintaining and repairing either transmission type a breeze; contact Quantrell Subaru to find savings today.

Find a Competitive Transmission Fluid Change With Us

The one downside to a CVT vs. a geared transmission is that a CVT may require more frequent transmission fluid changes. But we can negate that downside with our service specials and savings-oriented pricing.

The interval for a transmission fluid change can vary with the model and year of your Subaru vehicle; please check your owner’s manual or scheduled maintenance calendar for details.

The fluid can typically last for up to 100,000 miles in ideal conditions, but to ensure the fluid is ideal, getting an inspection every 30,000 miles will help prevent the need for a transmission repair in Lexington. Contact our service team to set up your transmission fluid inspection or change.

Quantrell Subaru Is Your Trusted “Transmission Shop Near Me”

Is your vehicle experiencing transmission issues? Or is it approaching the transmission service interval? Whatever the case, the Quantrell Subaru service center is the answer to “where can I find a dependable transmission shop near me?” in Lexington, KY.

Schedule transmission repair or service with us today, and keep your Subaru running smoothly and dependably.

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