Wheel Repair Service In Lexington, KY

If you need wheel repair for your new Subaru lease, stop by our dealership and let our wheel repair specialists assist you. When you require rim and wheel repair after curbing your wheels, you need the experts at our dealership. Take the short drive to Quantrell Subaru in Lexington today.

When you lease a new car, normal wear and tear are factored into your lease contract, but if there’s extra damage, you might be responsible for paying for it when you turn in your lease. If you’ve brushed your wheels against the curb when parking and need curb rash repair for your wheels, stop by our dealership.

Front-End Alignment Services

If you’ve recently hit a pothole, curb, or parking block, it’s possible you’ve knocked your wheels out of alignment and require a front-end alignment or bent-rim repair. When the wheels and tires on your vehicle are out of alignment, it can cause the tires on your car to wear unevenly. Not only is this a safety hazard, but it incurs a financial cost as well. When tires wear unevenly, they can wear out prematurely, causing you to have to buy a new set of tires. Before that happens, see our dealership for wheel repair and suspension repair service.

Rim and Wheel Repair

Are you experiencing wheel wobble? Did you recently hit a pothole or bump a curb? It’s possible you dented the wheels on your new Subaru Crosstrek and need bent-rim repair. Our auto repair shop in Kentucky has the state-of-the-art equipment needed to repair the wheels on your vehicle. When you’re used to the smooth ride of a Subaru model, don’t settle for anything less. Our team can return the bent or damaged wheels on your vehicle back to the factory standard of safety and performance.

While we have the wheels on your new Subaru Forester removed, it’s a great time to perform a brake repair service. Balding tires or an out-of-tune suspension can also impact the stopping ability and brake performance of your vehicle, which is a serious safety concern. Our service team can inspect the pads and rotors and let you know if you are due for brake pad replacement. Don’t put the safety of you and your passengers at risk. See our team for wheel repair and front-end alignment services before any unnecessary wear occurs to the brakes and tires on your vehicle.

Wheel Repair Curb Rash

Not only can curb rash and wheel repair incur additional charges when you turn in your lease, but it’s also unattractive. You take pride in your new luxury car and like to keep it in showroom condition. While the curb rash might be small or not very noticeable to other people, you know it’s there. And that’s enough. Our team can take care of that for you when you book your next oil change in Lexington. When you bring your vehicle to Quantrell Subaru for regularly scheduled maintenance, our expert mechanics will make sure your vehicle is properly aligned and riding right, so you can get the full enjoyment out of your new Subaru lease and your investment.