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The Subaru Sambar is a versatile equipment carrier and people mover. Available in two styles (passenger van or pickup truck), this cabover carryall will help you get it done. Whatever it happens to be. Please scroll below to learn more about the Subaru Sambar, why it’s so important to the brand, and its current production status. If you’re into off-beat Subaru models, you might also like this information page on the classic Subaru SVX.

The Super Subaru Sambar: History

Here in America, we know trucks to be giant, smokey iron hulks. We have the luxury of space on our side. Elsewhere in the world, space is at a premium. Heavy equipment still needs to be work-ready, but it also has to do it with smaller proportions. Enter the Subaru Sambar!

  • 1961 – The first Subaru Sambar appears and offers a thrilling 17hp rear-drive platform. Many of these were modified for sleeping and use as a camper
  • 1966 – Saw a more modern revision which included a streamlined dash and a 25hp engine. Soft-touch materials were also introduced to enhance safety
  • 1973–1982 – The 3rd generation Subaru Sambar went through many changes as market demand refined its purpose. Windshield washers, sliding doors, and the most powerful engine yet were introduced. The Subaru Sambar was becoming more adventurous with an optional panoramic roof and 4WD
  • 1982–1990 – The 4th generation Subaru Sambar became even more modern with attention paid to applying body graphics, MacPherson suspension, and convenient retractable seat belts
  • 1990–1999 – The 5th generation Subaru Sambar Supercharged brought fuel injection and a limited edition known as the “Dias Classic.” This is a highly sought-after model
  • 1999–2012 – The 6th generation Subaru Sambar kept the Subaru Sambar Supercharged model due to previous sales and demand. Much of the cabin and exterior were also updated, mainly because new safety regulations required them to be wider. Then, 2008 saw the introduction of airbags, power seating, and even leather trim
  • 2012–Present – The legend continues with plucky design qualities and on-demand 4WD. The Sambar Truck was replaced by the S500 in this generation, but the wildly popular vans continue to live on

If you’re hoping to grab a Subaru van here near Louisville (or anywhere in the states, for that matter), you’re out of luck. They are not readily available in the US market, though you can work with various importers that claim to be able to bring them here safely and legally. Considering the expenses you’ll incur while attempting to bring a new Subaru Sambar here, why not get an amazing Subaru WRX STI?

Subaru Sambar FAQs

Let’s examine a few other questions and answers that are popular among Subaru Sambar enthusiasts:

What is the Subaru Sambar?

The Subaru Sambar is a multipurpose platform that accommodates pickup-style bodies as well as passenger van configurations. Unlike the VW Microbus, the Subaru Sambar is a front-engined cabover Kei truck.

What states allow Kei Trucks?

Currently, 21 of 50 states allow for Kei Truck use. Restrictions vary by state, such as speed limits, roadway use, and others. So before you buy, make sure you research your state accordingly.

Are Subaru Sambar trucks street legal?

Yes! But, as mentioned above, restrictions vary by state. For instance, California allows you to use them on surface streets but not on highways. Currently, there are no restrictions on how they can be used on farms or as off-road vehicles.

More About Quantrell Subaru

Quantrell Subaru, your Subaru dealer near Louisville, is here to help with all of your Subaru vehicle needs. We might not be able to sell you a Subaru Sambar directly, but at the very least, we can get you all the information you need if you find a vintage example or have one imported. You can service them here with us, as retrieving parts for repairs is an easy task. Check out classic car auctions if you really want one. You can find almost any configuration from any era in relatively good condition. Used Subaru Sambar trucks and vans seem to trade hands at an average price of $7,500, which is well under the cost of private sale values for VW Microbuses and other commercial vehicles like the RAM ProMaster or Mercedes Sprinter.

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