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Lost long ago in the archives of sports cars past, the Subaru SVX LSi has re-emerged as a classic Japanese sports car fit to drive by anyone who likes to turn heads at the stoplight. I bet you didn’t even know Subaru made sports cars back then, but after settling into this two-door coupe and enjoying the panoramic view, you’ll figure it out. Look for the Subaru Alcyone SVX, Subaru SVX LSi, and Subaru SVX models made long ago but meant to last, given the signature stamina that Subaru is known for. You’ll probably never park next to another one.

Retro Sports Car Quality, Not Cost

Japanese sports cars are all the rage in the collecting game, and we can see why. Flying around in an ever-stylish portal to the past can be a thrill if you do it right. The SVX is a rare gem, with the 1997 Subaru SVX LSi being the most precious pearl. The lack of initial production volume on SVX models is what makes them tough to find, but it may be worth your while if you can find a Subaru SVX LSi that doesn’t need a ton of maintenance. These designs often go for less than $10,000, but those working on projects starting at $5,000 or below should expect to spend a lot on parts and such. Those parts can be very hard to come by as the cars themselves are so limited.

If you do find yourself in possession of a higher-end version of this collector’s gem, you’ll enjoy buttery beige leather interiors, a sporty cockpit design lined with suede, and an engine inspired by Subaru legendary rally racing excellence. Subaru SVX specs include an automatic transmission that supports a 3.3-liter 24-valve 6-cylinder horizontally opposed engine. Only automatic transmission was made available because the engine made too much power for a manual transmission option.

Look out for, especially when you’re after an old sports car, the cars which are built to last. Dependability over long periods of time is not always the goal for some manufacturers. At Subaru, each model is designed for durability, for drivers to be able to count on their car again and again. When the odometer gets tough, some other vintage sports cars may peter out. The Subaru SVX LSi gets going and gets you to your destination, as intrigued onlookers ask, “What is that?”

Legendary Lineage. Built To Win

The Subaru SVX LSi has a coupe design deriving from the hand of the Automotive Hall Of Fame inductee Giorgetto Giugiaro, who designed sports cars for a myriad of brands that span the landscape of top speed. In addition to the influence of Giugiaro’s pen, Subaru has been a rally car racing juggernaut since 1995, known for their blue and yellow color scheme as well as annual championship contention. These are the forces that came together to make the Subaru SVX LSi, which was released as the Subaru SVX Alcyone in Japan. “Alcyone” is the name of the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation, and those looking to find the next big thing in classic Japanese car collecting should follow the light. View our selection of the classic Subaru SVX here and decide on the one you want without even leaving your couch.

If you’re looking for a Subaru SVX LSi that drives as well as it did back in the day, visit our showroom near Louisville. Or, take a look through our entire Subaru dealer Louisville lot online and pick through tons of Subaru models. We’re proud to deliver vehicles to Kentucky families that endure and engage well beyond their years.

FAQ About the Subaru SVX

What is the History of the Subaru SVX?

Subaru introduced the SVX in the United States in July 1991 (as a 1992 model) and also brought the car to the Japanese market in September 1991 as the Subaru Alcyone SVX. The car owes its sporty design to legendary sports car creator Giorgetto Giugiaro, who has put his hands on some of the hallmarks of the most aerodynamic show-stoppers we’ve ever seen. People have loved to drive these models for generations and truly enjoy seeing our designs passed down to dear family members and friends. Whether it’s your first car or just your latest, Subaru designs give you their all from start to finish.

Is the Subaru SVX a Collectible?

Valuing cool cars of the past is an American tradition, right up there with watching the big game and eating apple pie in the summertime. This, much like the Subaru WRX STI, could be a breakthrough in collectible Japanese automobiles as they are long-lasting and rare. The comparative lower price point for vintage coupes makes it more accessible for the entire market.

Is the Subaru SVX Reliable?

Reliability is something that Subaru is famous for and deservedly so. The drive is comfortable, smooth, and surefooted; more like a GT car than a sports car, but it will purr at a quick pace if you need it to.

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